Durban Poison Strain


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Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison Strain has made a reputation for itself due to its sweet, earthy smell and flavor that leaves a citrus-like aftertaste. The buds are chunky and round with overlying trichomes and over-sized resin glands throughout when harvest-ready.

Where is it from?

Its lineage is long and dates back to the 1970s in South Africa when a man named Ed Rosenthal sought to create a new strain. Eventually, he passed his notes and strains down to Mel Frank – who then passed a few of his newfound “B” strains over to “Sam the Skunkman” in Amsterdam. Durban Poison Strain was solidified and first blossomed in Amsterdam, one of its parents being African Sativa.

How strong is it?

Durban Poison Strain has an average THC level of 15% and above. Its high tends to spark creativity and productivity, inducing the consumer with a burst of energy and sociability. Some reviewers have described it to be the “espresso of strains” since it also tends to keep one clear-headed. A majority consume this strain in the morning to eliminate fatigue and improve mood. It also helps to relieve migraines.

What are the side effects?

The high is clean and energizing, and will not in any way leave your body feeling stoney or tired. This is what partially makes Durban Poison a great any-time-of-day marijuana, because it won’t distract your mind or cause you to lose focus, but rather keep you motivated and free from stress.

The high is especially cerebral, making it a suitable strain to consume whenever desired, even right before powerful workouts or heavy amounts of exercise. Also, you may have heard some say that the nugs act as a sort of ‘happy pill,’ lifting your spirits high and filling your mind with euphoric, creative thoughts that can last the whole day.


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