Blackberry Kush Strain


Strain Name: Blackberry Kush Strain
Grade: AAA+++
Type: Hybrid
Looks: Like a solid mass of Crystally nugget
Smell: Sweet smell of Berries with a sharp ting, absolutely Lovley
Taste: With a Full bongload going down smooth, after exhalation it expands leaving you breathless in a good way. With a sweet taste lingerig for a few minutes after partaking, this is truly a memorable smoke on my list
Effects: Strong and present in the head, good for mid day or evening in heavier doses

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What is the Blackberry Kush Strain?

Blackberry Kush Strain is an indica strain. The strain is incredibly potent, especially considering its 20% THC content offering an amazing high. The buds are dense, covered by trichomes and red hairs. However, you will notice hues of yellow, purples and blacks laced throughout the vivid buds. On the other hand, it has a very strong Kush aroma that is smooth-sweet and heady. But it is not as pungent as you would expect it to be. As for the taste, it tastes a lot like it smells. There is a pretty good reason why it is known as Blackberry Kush, it does have a berry taste to it after all. What is really amazing about Blackberry Kush is that you will require very little of it to get the high you want. However, smoking too much of the strain will make you sleep in no time. This explains why it is highly preferred by patients suffering from pain and insomnia. However, since it is an indica dominant strain, it is better for night time use. Black Berry Kush has a lot of medical applications and is prescribed to patients who are unable to cope with nervousness, anxiety and stress.

Blackberry Kush Strain’s lineage is very apparent when you use it. It provides users with a variety of soothing effects that are noticeable almost straight away. If you are looking to relax, this strain is a great option as it has a numbing, narcotic effect that immediately relieves tension; a feature of Blackberry hybrids.

Next, you will feel a euphoric high, something associated with Raspberry Cough, another one of this strain’s ancestors. It may sound as if this strain is perfect for an evening out, but in reality, the body high keeps you glued to your couch. We recommend using it in the late evening or at night because it will keep you nice and sedated. As far as Blackberry Kush goes, the dream scenario is to smoke and listen to great music in your bedroom.


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